DONATION from the income tax part

Income taxpayers have to pay personal income tax every year. Of this, 1% of the assessed personal income tax can be donated to charities. We can dedicate our share to one or divide this percentage among several organizations. If we do not communicate to whom we are allocating our share, these funds go to the state treasury. So in this case, it costs us nothing if we are charitable.

Our Foundation has the status of a non-governmental organization in the public interest in the field of animal protection and is on the list of beneficiaries for grants from part of the personal income tax. Therefore, we kindly ask you to entrust these funds to us. If you have already submitted your request for the allocation of part of your personal income tax, you can change it at any time. They will comply with the last request received. This requirement is also complied with every year and you do not need to resend it.  

You can submit the form for allocating part of the income tax to:
- electronically through the electronic business services of FURS eDavki
- in person or by post at the competent financial office

If you have decided to entrust part of your income tax to us, you have a form already prepared below, where you can enter your information, print it and send it to the Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Thank you very much for your trust.



We cannot help without your kind-hearted support. Therefore, we kindly ask you to support us with a donation.

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