Since we dedicate all collected funds to help animals in need, we try to spread awareness of animal welfare mostly through social networks. As people often find themselves in a situation where they do not know what to do, here are some quick information and links:

  1. Animal welfare defines the quality of the animal's life as perceived by the animal. More about welfare here: https://www.gov.si/en/policies/agriculture-forestry-and-food/veterinary-medicine/animal-welfare/ 

  2. If you decide to have an animal companion, you must take care of it responsibly. Having an animal means responsibility. Find out what being a responsible caretaker of the animal means:  https://www.gov.si/teme/odgovorno-lastnistvo-zivali/ - please open the page in Google Chrome and translate it into English.
    If you have an animal that you can no longer take care of or if you know of an animal that was abandoned after the death of its caretaker, contact the nearest society for animal protection for help. If you need help with this, you can contact us: vodstvo@fundacijazazivali.si 

  3. We kindly ask all animal lovers who want to welcome a pet into their lives to find their animal companion in a shelter and offer them a home. The advantage of adopting from shelters is that these animals are under veterinary care and the caretakers know them well thus can advise you wisely when deciding about an animal. Adopting an adult animal has its advantages. The character and the size of the animal are known, the animal is socialized, taught basic commands and hygiene. Adopt and save lives. If you need help with this, you can contact us:  vodstvo@fundacijazazivali.si

  4. If you come across a lost animal or an animal in distress, please help the animal in any way possible – provide the animal with water and food, shelter from the sun, rain, heat or cold, or transport the animal to a veterinary station or shelter. If you are not able to do any of this or do not know how then inform the nearest society for the protection of animals or the competent shelter about this animal so that they can advise you or come to help. If you do not know which shelter is responsible, call the Information Centre on 112. In urgent cases, when the animal's life is at risk, call the police on 113.

  5. If you find an injured wild bird, a reptile or a small mammal, contact the clinic in Ljubljana, which will accept them free of charge: https://www.vf.uni-lj.si/en/area/clinic-birds-small-mammals-and-reptiles  / Before entering the clinic premises, please call them on +386 1 4779 251
    Damaged or abandoned protected wild species of large and small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and aquatic animals are cared for free of charge at the Muta shelter: https://veterina-golob.si/en/zavetisce/ / e-mail: info@veterina-golob.si / phone: +386 31 813 097
    If you come across an injured wild hunting animal, call the Information Centre on 112 or the police on 113.

  6. In the event of any form of animal cruelty, inform the nearest animal protection association or submit a report of animal cruelty to the general e-mail address of the Inspection for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection: gp.uvhvvr@gov.si. Animal cruelty report should contain as much useful information as possible - the exact location, a chronological description of the incident, a detailed description of the animal cruelty or neglect, possibly also information about the animal's caretaker and possible photo or video evidence. If you would like to receive feedback about your report, you should state that you would like to be informed about the measures taken by the inspection when submitting the application. Please add our organization in CC: vodstvo@fundacijazazivali.si


All donations are used to buy food and to pay for veterinary treatment for animals in need. We send donations to organizations, associations, groups and individuals who rescue and help abandoned, homeless, injured, disabled, tortured and endangered animals in our country and in the countries of the southern Balkans. We collect funds for them through all possible systems: direct bank transfer, SMS transfer and PayPal transfer.
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